Medication management – DAAs

Medication management

Taking multiple medications?

Finding it confusing to manage your medication?

Friendly Pharmacy can help to reduce the hassles of medication management by arranging to have your medication packed into sealed, tamper-evident devices. Packs contain a weeks’ worth of medication with the day and time of day each medication is to be taken on the device. 

Dosage administration aids (including Webster packs) make it easier to know when to take the medication, if you have already taken your dose and to help take the correct dose. DAAs reduce medication errors and improve health outcomes assisting in taking medication correctly.

To commence with a DAA, your local Friendly Pharmacy will need a list of medicines from your doctor, as well as all of your medicines to go into the pack and prescriptions that you have at home. Patients are normally issued two to four weeks of packs at a time.

Any changes to your medications in the DAA must be notified in writing by the doctor and reasonable notice must be given for a change to be made. Except in exceptional circumstances, changes cannot be made on weekends.

A fee may be charged for the packing and supply of DAAs, and patients are required to pay for the cost of medication used to put into the DAA.

Medication management

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